Grits Fullerton

Grits Fullerton, let me count the ways I love you. For starters, your food is always stellar. Piping hot, salted perfectly, executed immaculately. Some may say your food takes a bit too long, I say it's just right. Bone marrow? Yeah, they have that. Extremely creative renditions of classically prepared dishes. Absolutely.

The service is never sub-par. An indescribable energy permeates within the room. The servers are happy to be serving and the clientele is elated to be enjoying their brunch. No other true brunch establishments exist in Fullerton. To that, I say, there's only need for one, and Grits fulfills that role mightily.

I won't bore you with superlatives and menu descriptions that will do nothing more than make you hungry. Just visit them. As in now.