Thanksgiving Weekend in Orange County

The air is getting a bit colder and the day's are certainly getting shorter. It was a delicious weekend, to say the least. USC also just beat UCLA, in case anyone is interested.

Anyways, you know the holidays are here when everyone is decorating their houses and ramping up their social media marketing efforts on line. I just finished a successful geo-targeted paid campaign ad on Facebook with great results AND very insightful analytics. (gotta love Power Editor)

What did it accomplish? For starters, it drove traffic into the restaurant that decided to host three large events with less than a week to market them. It also served as a fantastic foundation for future sponsored digital marketing ads due to a plethora of information, such as the most engaged age group, mobile device, time logged in, etc.

If your digital marketing company based on Orange County does not offer any analytical data showing their efforts, results, or at least useful information, it's time to start thinking about Palatable Promotions.